The sky is crying today sometimes with small tears and other times sobbing . . . as the rain pours down.

It has been a good weekend regardless of my observation on the rain. I had a wonderful artist at my home on Thursday and Friday Rene Westbrook who had an opening exhibit at 2See Studio downtown Phoenix. Her Friend Melanie joined us from the Grand Canyon for late Friday night political discussions with the dawn of super Tuesday in our sight. I have some hope that with this election we could make a difference in our communities and our world!

Meanwhile I have been starting to create some images. I wonder how it is for some of you like Jay to slow down while I have been trying to speed up. I have been trying to shoot, shoot, shoot, but my slow process of the past three years is getting in my way. I started with my two and a quarter and I am continuing that along with my digital hoping to speed up my shooting.

My biggest challenge was to shoot everything and see what comes out in my work. I feel like I am floating down the river without an oar to steer with, finding myself in need of some structure. Without family to shoot I am beginning to create images with and of some of my friends. I have also returned to some of my more abstract or close up images of nature, decay, and the survival of life in harsh circumstances. I wish to go to the edge of where the water meets the land. . . and with this rain I may be able to do that in the desert since the rivers and washes are overflowing for the moment.

I will be going home in March to spend time with my family and visit my Grammie who fractured her pelvic bone on New Years Day. Hopefully she will continue to improve and stick to her therapy and be back to her little apartment at Brookhaven by the time I visit her. I plan on creating a number of images while I am there.

Portfolio and papers are coming soon. I have also been trying to work with blogger to get my paper and my portfolio work in the right bar instead of within the blog space on the left. I know it is possible since Liz showed us at the residency and it is how she posts it on her blogspot. My friend Cheryl is a genius at these kinds of things and said she would give me a hand. Hopefully we will get together soon.