I have been working on my project to shoot, shoot, shoot. I have experimented with different cameras to see what i could do to let my imagery flow from my camera. I have moved from my pinhole, experimented with my two and a quarter, and finally started flowing with my digital camera. I spent some time trying to discover which new camera would begin to help me create in a new more immediate way and letting go of the way the pinhole sees the world, hopefully breaking down the distance that some people saw in my work because of the nature of the tools I had used to create my images.

During my second meeting with my mentor I went from experimenting with cameras to focusing on one camera that I could carry with me everywhere. My challenge now is to continue to shoot everything that holds my interest throughout the day, not yet focusing on a single project idea. My goal is to shoot 20-60 images everyday to work through this and see what will present itself in my work when I let go. I am exploring and taking risks to see what will come out of this before honing in on a project. I am also trying to create images without listening to the editor in my head. I need to learn to let go of the little incessant voice inside my head that never stops giving advise. This voice designs, over thinks, analyzes, controls, judges, and throws out tons of things that I am unwilling to risk, make mistakes, play, experiment with, or try to push further into something more that I have ever been able to think into creation.

My everyday project is based on what Byron Wolfe, a photography professor, assigned to himself and just recently published a book of his work. Above is the cover of his book.

I will meet with Betsy my mentor again at the beginning of March to see what is coming out of these images. After that meeting I will be going home to Michigan for spring break. I am excited to create images of my family, their homes and spaces, their stories, and what they value, our family culture. I hope that during this time I will be able to clarify and further define my project for further research and the continuation of the creation of my images.