artist statement | what i want

rachel brace-stille

Whereas most photographs capture only a fraction of a second, when I make images using the pinhole camera, developing them using historical processes, I capture something we never see in reality: multiple moments in time, showing body movements and expressions we don’t get in a still frame, and that starts to tell us more about the essence of the subject. 

My intention is to create photographs that act as messages to my family members, expressing what I want for them and for myself. I want to slowly unfold a story of the little things we do each day, the things that create who we are. I want to capture the universal details that allow others to find their own connection and feel the intimacy of my space and relationships. 

In my process I am exploring various alternative techniques to enhance these experiences I need to share. This body of work is an exploration of the important relationships in my life. My intent was to create images that convey meaning or symbolically communicate messages to my family of what I want for my them and myself. 

For this body of work I continued to use my 4” x 5” Pinhole camera with Polaroid type 55 film. I used the Kallitype process as an appropriate way to interpret this body of work. This project challenged me to look inside myself to express not only what I want but also what we all desire.