brace-stille,  me2

brace-stille, me2

rachel brace-stille

Rachel learned to draw in a lab at the University of Michigan, borrowing china markers from her Grammie, who was slicing up brains and preparing them for study. Some years later, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in hand, she left the Midwest, swearing never to be cold again.

Since then, she’s worked in television, became a nanny, headed her own graphic design business, and in 1998, became full time faculty at Scottsdale Community College, wearing more hats than she has in her closet—from Computer Graphics Instructor to Department Chair—developing programs and curriculum taking students halfway around the world.

Her interest in exploring ways people can tell personal stories through art has led her to Australia and New Zealand to collaborate with indigenous peoples, and to Easter Island, hanging out with locals at the feet of the Moai after dark.

Never one to sit still, she completed her Masters of Fine Arts at The Art Institute of Boston in 2010. She began in historic photographic processes but most recently she has been working in sculpture. When she’s not in the darkroom or teaching, she always has a suitcase packed and ready to go, to discover the unlimited possibilities that lay before her.


representation www.tiltgallery.com