I had a difficult weekend trying to finish my paper but it is completed and it will be posted on my blog shortly. It may be more of a narrative than the rest of our research pieces but it is a summary after all, at least I wrote something meaningful to me. It is finally finished . . . on to the critical theory paper .

Last night a few friends, Valerie and Breanne went to the Phoenix Art Museum. I really wanted to go and see the Illuminated Manuscripts. It was interesting to see the modern version of The St Johns Bible and how the artists kept to certain formalities of the historical versions yet through the illustrations, the use of colors, and typography brought it a more contemporary feel. The above image is the Ten Commandments from the exhibit. I loved the use of typography in this illustration.

We also went through the Avedon exhibit and lecture by David Ross. I was pleasantly surprised that he spoke of Avedons personal work along with the commercial work I remember well. I found that I was drawn to some of the personal work he had created in asylums in the south. I feel that by including backgrounds and spaces I feel like I was able infer more about the subject or create my own narrative about the person in the image. David did address the beginning of the use of the white background setting the subject apart from any background forcing you to look at the person and expression for interpretation of character.