flying south

I have arrived safely home. It was good to be in Michigan for the fall and to see the colors change from green to yellow to orange and red. The apples were still clean and crisp as I remembered them from years ago. From them my sister Shelle and I made carmel apples, apple crisp, and apple pie. I left more apples for her to make into applesauce.

My sister Becca was released from them hospital while I was home into my parents care. She is in the process of getting her section 8 paperwork filled out before moving back into her own apartment again. So for a while we will be on a upswing and hope that this time more positive progress is made. At the same time it will continue to be challenging for my parents to handle and support her needs while she gets back on her feet again.

I was hoping to accomplish more while I was at home but I now feel after working with my mentor Christopher that I have a lot to do and create in the last few months we have before our residency. A friend Cheryl recommended an artist Arthur Tress, to me in her comments on this blog and while I was with my family I ordered his book, The Dream Collector. I relate to his imagery and the childhood story he tells. It is the childhood dreams on the verge of nightmares.