time flies

August first already. Time flies when you are not paying attention. I can’t believe it has been one month since we were in Boston. Life and school has been a challenge when on the road! Some places that I have been this summer have been extremely remote. Half the time I have been able to use my computer and connect, other times even my cell phone didn’t even work.

I have finished my residency summary and have updated my blog for the fall term. I have listed the new books I will be reading and artists I will be looking at during the next five months. I have continued my everyday project but my priority in the next few months is to narrow down what it is I want to communicate about family culture. I would like to research well ahead of my papers this term so I will begin my research next week. I will also purchase any books on my list that I would like to add to my collection at home or find them in the library.

My new mentor is Christopher James. I know and trust that he would be able to guide me in finding what it is I want to focus on in my photography, my primary goal this term. We are meeting and have discussed my work a number of times already and will continue to connect every few weeks. I am excited to be working with him again and look forward to creating new images this fall.